About Me


My name is Jordan Montgomery. I live in the United States and have been collecting ancient coins since June of 2014 when I fatefully stumbled into an antique shop and overpaid on a couple of Late Roman bronzes.  At first I had quite a varied and eclectic collection with many Roman, Greek, Judaean and Byzantine coins and I simply sought to collect anything and everything that I found beautiful or historically interesting. In June of 2015 I learned about the RBW collection and quickly hunted down copies of NAC 61 and 63. After carefully reading through these catalogs and studying the fascinating coins within them I made the decision to follow the example of RBW and focus exclusively on the Roman Republic, selling off my unrelated coins in the process. Since then I have been steadily building a collection of Republican coins in bronze and silver(hoping to add gold later on) as well as books and auction catalogs on the coins of the Roman Republic. I hope that through this blog I can share my passion and knowledge with other collectors and that I can meet and learn from other collectors as well.

If you’d like to contact me, please leave a comment on a post or email me at jordan@respublicacoins.com .