The following are the books and other references I commonly cite in the gallery along with notes about some. When copyright allows, I will link to the work itself so readers can access it, otherwise I will attempt to provide enough information for readers to find it on their own.

  • BMCRR – H.A. Grueber. Coins of the Roman Republic in The British Museum. 3 Vols. (London, 1910). An older RR reference but better pictures of many cited coins can be found at the British Museum’s website.
  • Crawford or RRC –  Michael H. Crawford. Roman Republican Coinage. (Cambridge, 1975). The standard work on Roman Republican Coinage. The standard reference for the mainline Roman Republic coinage. Much work has been done since its publication, but Crawford or RRC numbers remain the most commonly cited references for Republican coins and are used in many works to distinguish between various series.
  • Essays Hersh – Burnett, A, U. Wartenberg and R. Witschonke, eds. Coins of Macedonia and Rome: Essays in honour of Charles Hersh. (London, 1998). This collection of essays was released in the wake of the unexpected passing of Charles Hersh. It includes many essential papers for Roman Republic numismatics, including among others, one from Russo publishing a number of unpubilished Roman Republic bronzes.
  • Essays Russo – Peter G. van Alfen and Richard B. Witschonke, eds. Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo(Zurich, 2013)
  • HCRI or Sear HCRI – David Sear. The History and Coinage of the Roman Imperators 49-27 BC. (London, 1998).
  • McCabe (generally in the form of i.e. McCabe Group H1) –  Andrew McCabe “The Anonymous Struck Bronze Coinage of the Roman Republic: A Provisional Arrangement” in Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo(Zurich, 2013).  If you don’t have Essays Russo, this is available free(but requires login) on here. This paper provides an arrangement of the fully anonymous bronzes of the Roman Republic, identifying various series missed or only partially identified by Crawford and discussing at length the various diagnostics used to categorize these types, with many examples shown. Required reading for collectors of the Republican Bronze series.
  • RRCH – Michael H. Crawford. Roman Republican Coin Hoards.  (Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1969). Lists most of the hoards cited in Crawford’s RRC. There are a few other important hoards that were published between RRCH and RRC, such as “An Early Hoard Of Victoriati” but RRCH provides the big picture of the hoard evidence that shapes the relative chronology of RRC.
  • RSC – H. A. Seaby, revised by David R. Sear and Robert Loosley. Roman Silver Coins Volume 1: The Republic To Augustus. (London, 1978).
  • Russo RBW(or just RBW) – Russo, R. The RBW Collection of Roman Republican Coins. (Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich, 2013). The RBW collection of Roman Republican Coins is one of if not the most important private collection of these types ever assembled. Including multiple types not listed in Crawford, as well as series not fully identified in Crawford and various notes about revised dating, arrangement and historical context of various issues, Russo RBW provides a nice update to Crawford and also includes what I believe are the best plates of any reference in the Republican series.
  • Sydenham – Edward A. Sydenham. The Coinage of the Roman Republic. (Spink, London, 1952).