A few interesting(and free!) papers on the Roman Republic and its coinage

By | January 16, 2016

The following papers are all ones I have found and read in the last few months and found especially interesting. Additionally, all can be read for free and even downloaded as PDFs if one creates a free account at Academia.edu. Please let me know in the comments if you have any similar papers to recommend:

“The Anonymous Struck Bronze Coinage of the Roman Republic: A Provisional Arrangement” by Andrew McCabe -In this paper, McCabe provides an arrangement of the Anonymous Roman Republican bronze that takes into account style, design, manufacture and find information when classifying coins but does not use weight as a primary factor. This proves to be an excellent method for separating out these various issues and I have found myself referring to this paper quite often, either when looking for examples of a specific type or attempting to further classify a recent purchase of mine or to assist another collector. I think this paper, as a tool and a reference, is as important as Crawford in any Republican bronze collector’s library.

“Roman victoriati in perspective from the other side of the Adriatic” by Yannis Stoyas  – An interesting discussion on the historical context of the introduction and circulation of the victoriatus denomination. Unfortunately I have not found much commentary, critical or otherwise, of this paper, so I am not sure what others think of it’s conclusions, but I find its arguments about the introduction of this denomination associated with the fall of Capua to be quite convincing.

“Erato or Terpsichore: A Reassessment” by Phillip Davis – In this paper, Davis discusses the denarii of Q. Pomponius Musa and in particular, those of Crawford 410/6, 410/7a  and 410/7b. 410/6 is described by Crawford as depicting Erato, whereas 410/7a and 410/7b are described as depicting Terpsichore, but Davis convincingly argues that instead, 410/7b actually depicts Erato as well. Well worth the read, if for nothing else to become more familiar with one of the most beautiful groups of denarii in the entire Republican series.

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